If you asked entrepreneurs what they’re looking for, I bet you’d hear a lot of the same answers.

Most entrepreneurs I know are looking for freedom — whether that’s in the form of financial, locational, or relationship freedom. These freedoms can be achieved in a variety of ways. For me, I found them through being an entrepreneur and owning my own businesses.

Now is the Era of Freedom

I believe 2020 is the decade to “get to” versus “have to.” It’s also the decade of being “compelled by” versus “institutionally forced/mandated” or “obligated” to do something. It’s the freedom of choice, to both create and control your destiny the way you envision it.

The rate at which Millennials and Gen-Z want to buy homes, go to college and get married is plummeting. The rise of minimalism, digital nomads and the Gig Economy are perhaps the most significant indication this trend is not a fad.

The opportunity cost of “stuff” is freedom. For many Gen Zs and Millennials, the concept of physical stuff is the opposite of freedom. The opportunity cost of not having freedom is too high. They are more compelled by the freedom to live and love wherever and to be whomever they want.

But the most powerful freedom, I believe, is relationship freedom.

The Three Freedoms: Financial, Locational, Relationship

We all want the freedom to manifest our destiny. Let’s dive a little more into the three freedoms that I mentioned before.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re super-rich…though it can. This freedom is the ability to make the decisions that you want to, without worrying about whether or not you can afford to do so.

Want to buy a new house? You can if you have financial freedom. Want to take a month off of work and travel the world or pursue a startup? Financial freedom allows you to do that as well. The list goes on.

Locational Freedom

Locational freedom goes hand-in-hand with financial freedom. This is the ability to live and exist wherever you want to, without the concern of losing your job. As remote work has increased, the desire for locational freedom has as well.

As life goes on, the people we care about move away from us. Don’t spend all of your vacation days visiting your family and friends, spend that time exploring the world and traveling! If you have locational freedom, you can work wherever you want, whenever you want.

My belief is that as time goes on, more and more people will want and demand the ability to work remotely. We have the technological capabilities to do so, so why don’t we? Get ahead of the curve and enable your companies and teams to work remotely. Even if it’s just a good work-from-home policy at first, you’ll be preparing for the future and a happier and healthier work environment.

Relationship Freedom

The most powerful form of freedom is relationship freedom — the ability to create magic with the people you care about. You shouldn’t strive just for effectiveness and efficiency in your career, but also happiness.

In my book, The Way of the Growth Warrior: 7 Non-Negotiable Skills to Scale Your Business in Uncertain Times, I dive deeper into the concept of relationship freedom. After listening to Dan Sullivan’s podcast, I found myself questioning my relationships and whether or not I have relationship freedom. So, I took some time to figure it out and I want to share that with you. In my book, I teach readers how to capture the characteristics of the ideal relationship, and how to focus on those rather than the toxic and unnecessary ones — this applies both in business and in personal life.


The Way of the Growth Warrior: 7 Non-Negotiable Skills to Scale Your Business in Uncertain Times
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How to Find Freedom

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question in one paragraph, nor can I address it in one blog post or book. The truth? I don’t know how to find total freedom, all I can do is continue to strive toward being freer.

I’m grateful that I’ve achieved a sense of financial, locational and relationship freedom. But I’m a Growth Warrior and I’m always on the journey, working toward something greater. If you’re reading this, I assume you are too. In my book, I talk about tactics and techniques that you can use to achieve each of these freedoms. I hope that they will help you get closer to freedom, just as they helped me to do so.

I’ll give you a little preview here: Start by taking an honest look at where you are, and where you want to be. It can be very challenging to be honest with ourselves, but the quicker you learn how to do so, the quicker you will be on the path to self-improvement.

Take financial freedom, for example. Perhaps you have a million-dollar business idea, but are racked with debt and cannot afford to invest in your business. Take an honest look at where you are, what you owe and who you owe to. Set goals for where you want to be in one month, six months and one year. Then, spend all of your time and energy toward getting rid of that debt. Once you do that, the next step will be developing your idea and finding investors. Don’t know how to do that? My book offers opportunities to learn these skills, fast.

The main thing I want you to walk away with after reading this post is this: We are all on the quest for freedom and we can achieve it. You are not alone in desiring these freedoms and you never will be.

Remember, however, that freedom is possible and probable, but only if you put in the effort and hard work to get it. You may not find it easily, but it will be well worth it when you do — and I’m speaking from experience when I say this.

Friends, I am rooting for you in your search for freedom and I am always here to help.


The Way of the Growth Warrior: 7 Non-Negotiable Skills to Scale Your Business in Uncertain Times
Download a free chapter today.