“ Working with Promise has been one of the best things I have done for my career. Her knowledge and connections are unparalleled, and combined with her attitude, she really has helped shape my career and future prospects. As a senior marketing leader, being in Promise’s ether has been fun, a great environment for learning and her new book is a MUST-READ! ”

Alex Biale
Marketing Operations Manager, Convercent

“ Promise is insanely inspiring and wonderfully charismatic. An undeniable force-of-nature as a professional and a human being. Having known her for years, she is the real deal. For those thinking or in the process of building a business, her playbook, The Growth Warrior, is a treasure-trove of thoughtful and actionable principles that will make an immediate impact to who you are and what you need to succeed. At it’s core, her experience-based lessons simplify and demystify the entrepreneurial journey. ”

Scott Doniger
Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Consultant

“ Entrepreneurship and being a CEO are not destinations, they are journeys. Promise shares her journey as both and the timeless lessons along the way. ”

John Belizaire
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Soluna, Editor CEOPLAYBOOK

“ For over 10-years, I have worked alongside Promise. I have always admired her success, intelligence, and coolness. Her insights on how to understand, build and disrupt markets are invaluable. She is a friend, an ally, and a co-creator. I highly recommend companies, at any stage, to not only read the book but to gain access to her counsel. ”

Valerie Peck
Customer Acquisition Expert

“ Promise is a dynamic force. Not only is she amazing at strategy and fund raising, but she has a proven track record of helping companies scale rapidly. As a co-creator and strategist, she is a rare combo, and her book, The Growth Warrior, is nothing short of a must read gem for entrepreneurs. ”

Ken Chow

“ After 3-years of investing time and money into our game-changing product, we were out of funds and the human resources needed to scale. Simultaneously my Co-Founders were urging me to take over as CEO. After learning about my situation, a very trusted and admired business associate introduced me to Promise. From the very first phone call with Promise to the subsequent reference calls she offered up, to working with her daily, I can wholeheartedly say that Promise was what we needed. Her expertise and skill set came shining through the minute we engaged, moving us light speed ahead in a mere 30 days. She has helped us solve structural issues, calm fears, champion our progress, and instill confidence in our product, market, and direction. She has turned around our strategy on fundraising efforts and fostered a backbone for precise and quick decision making. We are looking forward to working with Promise by our side for the next year as we scale and explode our company. ”

Jessica Green
Co-founder, and CEO of GoGrow Technologies

“I started my mission-driven business 18-months ago. Within 6-months, I realized that we were limited by the collective power of the people within our company. After several key questions during my first conversation with Promise, it was clear that she understood my goals. She offered me outcome-driven strategies, and this provided my team and me with clarity, direction, and motivation. With Promise’s mentoring, we were able to see the business from the macro and micro viewpoints and plan for short and long-term goals.”

Ursula Zaoui
The Silk Project

” Promise Phelon’s new book, The Growth Warrior, demystifies what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Business people, underdogs and entrepreneurs at every stage in their journey need to read, understand and embody her 7 non-negotiable skills! “

Sue Toigo
Founder of Gold Mine Launch & Lead

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