Every growth warrior needs a story. Plus, crafting a warrior story is #2 of 7 non-negotiable skills in the Way of the Growth Warrior. Here, my team highlights the why and how every entrepreneur needs one.

My Warrior Story My experience with adversity radically changed me into someone who accepts difficulty, takes responsibility, and really doesn’t care what people think. Now, I focused on fulfilling what’s inside my heart, both professionally and personally. I’m much happier and more focused on things I actually care about. I’m no longer defined by how others see me, but by how I see myself.

There are many stoic principles embedded in this idea, but what’s different is that I very much want to succeed with people I care for and to support other underdogs in their journey. For all entrepreneurs who are growth warriors too and want to learn and improve in both their business as well as personal sense, they need to understand that it is a constant process. It is no doubt that entrepreneurs have to face multiple challenges across their way to grow business and thrive in their respective market.

For this, they need motivation and inspiration that keep them driving towards their journey to success. This is when a genuine warrior story comes into play. An entrepreneur must know how to craft a compelling warrior story. This is one non-negotiable skill that entrepreneurs need to master. An entrepreneur who is also a true growth warrior knows how to tell his/her story in a passionate, memorable, and relevant way that other people can relate to. Besides, a warrior story must embrace emotional resonance and a great vision about who they are and who they’re becoming. Moreover, your compelling story must give your reader (either investor or prospect customers) a powerful call to action that gets them ready to help you in achieving your goals.

A warrior story must depict specific attributes such as resilience, grit, and perseverance. These are some of the traits that an entrepreneur must acquire in his/her way of a growth warrior.

Resilience is the Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

Resilience is one of the most vital qualities that an entrepreneur must have to scale his/her business successfully. An entrepreneur is someone who builds something that is needed by the world. It is also true that to achieve your goal; you are going to confront multiple errors. On your journey towards success, you will need to make minor adjustments over and over again.

This is what resilience is, one’s ability to move through hardship instead of bouncing back from all adversities that come in the way. A resilient entrepreneur is one who knows how to integrate tough experiences into his/her life and work. An entrepreneur with a soul of growth warrior intentionally chooses a life of hardship that is full of uncertainties, fear, chaos, and disappointments. Entrepreneur’s life has numerous lower lows, as well as higher highs and such situations, require an entrepreneur to stay resilient and make a safer choice. It’s something like you have to keep moving without even seeing the finish line.

An entrepreneur wants people to believe in them. Whether it is any potential investor, CEO of a firm, or an influencer to propel your start-up into new marketplaces, you need to build trust in them. It’s your responsibility to let them know you are trustworthy and have the insurmountable enthusiasm to make your small business successful. So, if you are an entrepreneur, make sure your warrior story reflects resilience!

Why Entrepreneurs need Grit ‘Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.’- J.K.Rowling.

As defined by psychologist Angela Duckworth, grit refers to the perseverance and passion of an individual for long-term goals. It is also interchangeably interpreted as ‘transforming mindset’ or ‘growth mindset’. It also pinpoints towards the resilience of an entrepreneur that makes him/her determined to bounce back from setbacks.

As an entrepreneur and a growth warrior at the same time, you must have unwavering faith and strong-willed determination to finish off with whatever you want to do and achieve and what you believe in.

Albeit, grit does not necessarily assure success in your entrepreneurial venture; however, it protects your ambition and motivation to keep striving to achieve your goal despite hardships. It would not be wrong to say that your grit is what keeps your emotional and mental wellbeing intact.

Grit is vital to succeeding in tackling the challenges that entrepreneurs face. You must have a firm and insistent belief that your business idea will become your success story. Entrepreneurs with grit are cognizant of the fact that whatever they are doing, it is totally worth it.

Instead of getting motivated with external factors like fame and rewards; you must stay intrinsically motivated and focused on things that you care about. This is what I have internalised after facing adversities in my life. You must also be able to take ownership of any error that occurs.

So, try to become a growth warrior who has a growth mindset and believes that any obstacle can be overcome using your ability to look for alternative solutions. Also, try to learn from your own failures to pursue the business purpose that is valuable not only for you but to the world.

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.’-Colin Powell

Significance of Perseverance in Entrepreneurship 

When it comes to initiate any start-up or run your very own business, an entrepreneur needs several attributes such as creativity, intelligence, ambition to overcome the impedance that comes in your way. Not only this, but perseverance is also another quality that is required in your entrepreneurial venture to turn into a worthwhile enterprise.

Pure perseverance is what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones.’- Steve Jobs

An entrepreneur must be able to push past the hardships to make their way to success with persistence and perseverance. If you have an exciting service or product for your customers and want to start your own company, you will surely need a boatload of persistence and perseverance to sell it. Therefore, don’t forget to add in your warrior story how perseverance has helped you all along in achieving your goals.

Promise Phelon is The Growth Warrior

Promise Phelon

AMA: Promise Phelon takes questions from our readers

  1. What objections should I prep for before a venture meeting?

First, and we spoke about this a couple of weeks ago here, know your market! You need to go into the meeting wholly prepared. The most common objections are unrealistic forecasts. One thing to do is to prepare multiple forecasts: consider an optimistic, a pessimistic and a realistic set of numbers.

Another common objection is that your company is not “quite at the stage they’re comfortable investing at.” To that, you should probe and ask what metrics they’re looking for that would constitute as “at the stage they’re looking for.” I’ll share one more objection, although there are many more. Investors may question your ability and that of your team to execute on the business plan. Here, you need to be prepared to discuss a change in leadership.

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