The Way of the Growth Warrior Book is HERE!




Most entrepreneurs lack the resources, capitalization, and relationships to scale their business. Combine that with the uncertainty we are all feeling in these challenging times and scaling a business seems insurmountable. But, it doesn’t have to be.

For many entrepreneurs and business leaders, funding will be harder to obtain without a playbook that tells you how to access key relationships and leverage them effectively.

When market dynamics are unpredictable, they favor the agile entrepreneur with the skills and drive to do what it takes to succeed. This will be you!

Avoid desperation and decision paralysis when surrounded by a tribe of CEOs, Executives, and Entrepreneurs with the same challenges as you.

You can succeed and we’re here to help!

In the book, The Way of the Growth Warrior: 7 Non-negotiable Skills to Scale Your Business in Uncertain Times, we provide a playbook to immediately level-up your skills, so your business grows.


  1. Manage Yourself Impeccably. Highly successful entrepreneurs are exceptional at knowing themselves, managing their emotions and creating habits that reinforce a growth mindset and the joy that comes from leading and doing great work.
  2. Craft a Compelling Warrior Story. A true growth warrior knows how to tell their story in a memorable, passionate and relevant way, with emotional resonance and vision about who they are and who they’re becoming.
  3. Form Antifragile Relationships. The best entrepreneurs build powerful, symbiotic and resilient relationships with customers, partners and investors that strengthen through adversity and challenging situations.
  4. Codify Your Leadership Philosophy to Build Dream Teams. Entrepreneurs who carefully curate their leadership philosophy and lead with vulnerability build teams that win championships.
  5. Know Your Market & Love Thy Customer. Winning entrepreneurs understand the opportunity that markets present. They find customers and turn them into raving fans and allies by exceeding their expectations.
  6. Build to Exit. Entrepreneurs love the companies they create. Their companies generate lasting asset value, whether they remain independent or become part of a new entity as a result of an exit, merger or acquisition event.
  7. Capitalize Everything. Being resourceful, as well as having the skills to secure resources, is essential for successful entrepreneurs. Leaders who can raise money from investors, banks and other sources create strong growth trajectories, as well as strengthen their competency in all the other skill sets.