Phrases like “unprecedented” and “trying times” have come to be synonymous with the global pandemic, as well as with the year, 2020 itself. Nobody alive on the planet today has ever experienced such dramatic transformation and collective duress. At least not since the Great Depression and awful Spanish Flu that marked life on Earth about 100 years ago.

Not that we can trivialize any of the events from a century ago or, indeed, any of the events of the past eight months. They will all be forever emblazoned in our memories – and in the history books. But we can, even for a moment, pause to catch our breath. We can take a few moments now to regroup and recalibrate on what 2020 has taught us.

It’s taught us that we can be resilient. We can adapt to change – when we need to. The pandemic has brought out the worst in some people, but, for the most part, it’s brought out the best in people. We’ve seen countless examples of neighbors helping each other, celebrations for front-line and essential workers, donations to food banks and more. There is a lot of good in this world and we need to take the time to acknowledge that good is winning over evil.

This year has also brought a reckoning against racism into the mainstream. Protests, largely peaceful, have literally demonstrated that it is possible to co-exist when a foundation of respect and equality are surfaced. We know that it can happen; we’ve seen it time and time again.

This is also the opportunity to give thanks. Here at The Growth Warrior, it’s been an incredible year of growth and accomplishment. The Way of the Growth Warrior, the book, was released. We’re in the middle of our Get Funded Mastermind Workshop with Cohort #3 and there is tremendous talent within this pool. It’s incredibly exciting to work with so many entrepreneurs who are all determined to change the world. Our masterclass is almost ready to be shared with the world. Seven founders who have been mentored all year in the way of the growth warrior have been funded; one of them is quickly approaching the close of a round that will be oversubscribed. It doesn’t get much better than this!

And we’re just getting started.

There is so much more ahead in 2021. With American Thanksgiving knocking on our door, it is a time to say thank you for all the support, patience and love that you’ve shown us here at The Growth Warrior. We know that it’s been a wild and crazy year, that you’ve been separated from loved ones and likely endured more than one hardship. For all that, we’re grateful that you’ve given us the support that you have and we look forward to connecting with more entrepreneurs and helping more of you get funded so that you can change the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!