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7 Non-negotiable Skills To Scale
Your Business in Uncertain Times

You can win in uncertain times!

  • Are you undercapitalized and struggling to find the resources to scale your business?
  • Is it increasingly challenging to find grow, achieve more profits and find the right customers?
  • Are you lacking the right words to get buy-in from investors, team members, partners, and mentors?
  • Do these times leave you feeling helpless, paralyzed and defeated?
  • Do you want to level-up your skills but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you wish someone would tell in practical terms what is wasting you time, energy & resources?
  • Are you intimated by the process of raising money, preparing your company for exit or up -leveling your team?
Promise Phelon


When you follow The Way of the Growth Warrior

  • Get a playbook to level-up your skills
  • Learn how to build a dream team
  • Know how to find capital and get funded
  • Prepare a well formulated exit strategy
  • Join a tribe of achievers like you
  • Get mentors who have been there!

Hey, I’m Promise

Most entrepreneurs lack the resources, capitalization, and relationships to scale their business. You need to level up your skills and you don’t know how. If you knew how—you would, but you don’t, so you feel stuck. Together, we can change all that. Each week, you can AMA (Ask Me Anything) and get an answer on our Weekly Warrior newsletter. Buy the book! Sign up for the next Masterclass cohort. You can do this!


I get it, because I have been you!

I built my career through pure grit and hard work to become a sought-after CEO in the Silicon Valley. After raising over $100M in venture capital, I started The Growth Warrior to help you learn the skills needed to scale your business exponentially.

I believe you deserve to cultivate the skills you need to win in any business, at any time especially when the stakes are high and the times uncertain…like now!

So, buy the Growth Warrior book and join my tribe of business entrepreneurs – some scaling from $50K to $5M and $5M to $50M. Together, we can change the statistics; the numbers in our 2020 State of the Underdog Report are unsettling. Let’s change those.

Why? Because building a successful business requires clear moves, the right skills, a powerful set of peers, and continuous access to people who raise your game!

Learn the Way of the Warrior!


What People are Saying

“ Entrepreneurship and being a CEO are not destinations, they are journeys. Promise shares her journey as both and the timeless lessons along the way. ”

John Belizaire
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Soluna, Editor CEOPLAYBOOK

” Promise Phelon’s new book, The Growth Warrior, demystifies what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Business people, underdogs and entrepreneurs at every stage in their journey need to read, understand and embody her 7 non-negotiable skills! “

Sue Toigo
Founder of Gold Mine Launch & Lead
The Way of The Growth Warrior


Do you want to be a growth warrior? Learn how – from someone who’s done it.

  • BECOME A Warrior ENTREPRENEUR and watch your business grow


  • Learn the 7 non-negotiable skills all successful entrepreneurs have
  • Get the secrets to grow your revenues from $50,000 to $50,000,000
  • Forget the MBA and anything holding you back: learn how to win now
  • Accelerate past weaknesses, be a great leader and build effective teams
  • Learn how to model profitable growth to get the capital resources you need
  • Find and close execution gaps in your business strategy
  • And while running your business profitably, prepare for a high -multiple exit

The Coolest Success Story

Ursula Zaoui

“I started my mission-driven business 18-months ago. Within 6-months, I realized that we were limited by the collective power of the people within our company. After several key questions during my first conversation with Promise, it was clear that she understood my goals. She offered me outcome-driven strategies, and this provided my team and me with clarity, direction, and motivation. With Promise’s mentoring, we were able to see the business from the macro and micro viewpoints and plan for short and long-term goals.”

Ursula Zaoui
The Silk Project


Because your success matters to us!

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Growth Warriors understand the value of a tribe to help them succeed. If you are trying to do it on your own, you’ll continue to feel stuck and nothing will change.

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